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Seaside Poppet Sets

Set Size

Our Trio and Bunch doll sets are comprised of the smaller dolls in our range. Cluster, Bundle and Brood sets include our largest dolls, which are sling compatible.

These dolls are a nod to the simplistic toys of yesteryear. They encourage open-ended play where imaginations thrive. These sets are made-to-order as shown. Due to natural variations in wood grain each set is unique.

If you would like to add extra Poppets to a group or build your own family, check out our “build a set" listing.

All of our dolls can be chosen with parents to match your family, see our gallery for photos.

Hats are non-removable.

Ages 3 and up.

  • The Poppets wear hand crocheted woollen hats. Their solid wood bodies are sealed in a beeswax balm with an elm leaf design on the base.
  • Set Sizes
    1. Trio - Small Parents + Sprout baby
    2. Bunch - Small Parents + Sprig and Sprout kids
    3. Bundle - Large Parents + Sprout baby in sling
    4. Cluster - Large Parents + Twig, Sprig and Sprout kids
    5. Brood - Large Parents + Branch, Twig, Sprig and Sprout kids
    Doll Sizes
    1. Oak (Large Papa) - 9.5cm
    2. Elm (Large Mama) - 9.5cm
    3. Branch (Small Papa) - 6.5cm
    4. Twig (Small Mama) - 5.5cm
    5. Sprig - 4.5cm
    6. Sprout - 3.5cm
  • We use recycled paper packaging and post our dolls in fully recyclable mailers. Our dolls come gift wrapped and if you would like a personalised card please add a note at checkout.

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